Bluestockinette’s Feedback and Reviews

 It fits my nieces head perfectly! Plus it's super soft and light. My niece is autistic and texture can be a big issue. She loves this hat.

 Sweet pattern. I'm anxious to knit it up in baby alpaca.












 The headband is beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted for my wedding. The customer service is amazing and Christina goes well above and beyond to facilitate a  great experience. 

Exceeds all expectations! So well made and absolutely perfect!! Thank You - I LOVE it

Gorgeous lightweight and super comfortable tunic. It is very much my style, fun, sexy and sophisticated. The material has some stretch and give to it, so there is room for me and my ever changing weigh, I lose and gain about 10-15 pounds seems like every week. It works perfectly with a sleeveless t-shirt or a stretchy jersey cami. I am so impressed by the floral pattern across the bodice, it is completely different from anything I've ever seen before. Also the yarn Christina chose is super soft and not irritating at all, I have super sensitive skin. She provided me with a variety of color choices to pick from and I am so happy with my color, persimmon. I wore it to school and on the first day, I got stopped a million times by people asking me where I got it from. One lady that works in the Math Lab has already put in her order.

Scarf is beautiful! The seller was fast in responding to my order and shipped very quickly!! 











Love the hat! Received immediately upon payment! Am now following you - thanks so much! Look forward to your next creation...


WOW de toute beauté et assez simple à faire